Services & Facilities


The Chamber of Commerce has an official register of sworn experts mainly from the Hamburg region.

It can also assist parties or arbitrators, if experts from another German region are needed.

Facilities and Accomodation

Hamburg offers a wide range of locations suitable for dispute resolution. Among those are the spacious conference rooms at the Chamber of Commerce. These rooms can also be used for proceedings that are not administered by the Chamber itself.

Apart from that, many business hotels offer suitable locations for conferences and meetings. All major hotel chains are represented in Hamburg. For a quick hotel search click here.

Interpreters / Court Reporting

Interpreters are often essential for oral hearings in international arbitral proceedings.

For the documentation of oral hearings, court reporting services or recording equipment might be of help.

In case there are conference rooms without certain technical equipment, all types of necessary devices can be rented from several suppliers located in Hamburg.