Funding the Vis Moot Case

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Legal and Commercial Insights from a Third Party Funder

Third party funding plays an increasingly important role in financing arbitration and litigation proceedings. Yet many jurists are not familiar with the decision-making processes behind funding decisions. Thomas Kohlmeier's workshop aims to change this. Using this year's Vis Moot case as an example, the workshop will show how a third party funder approaches funding applications and makes its funding decisions. He will also address how recent developments could change such decision-making processes.
Thomas Kohlmeier is co-founder of Nivalion – one of the leading providers of legal finance solutions in Europe and beyond. He is the firm’s Co-CEO and responsible for Nivalion’s secondary market transactions. Mr. Kohlmeier has over 20 years’ experience in litigation funding and was a member of the Executive Board of Legial AG, part of Munich Re.

Corona restrictions: 2G+ rules apply (i.e. participants must be vaccinated or recovered; additionally, they must have a certificate of a negative result of an antigen test; however, persons who have already received their third jab (booster) do not have to submit a test result).

Fees: Free of charge


Registration deadline Donnerstag, 31.03.2022


Thomas Kohlmeier

Co-CEO and Partner at Nivalion


Center for International Dispute Resolution at Bucerius Law School

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