Chinese European Arbitration Centre (CEAC)

The Chinese European Arbitration Centre "CEAC" offers institutional arbitration in Hamburg for matters which are directly or indirectly, however remotely, connected to China.

Key features of CEAC

CEAC is operated by a European-Chinese management. It operates according to the (Hamburg) CEAC Arbitration Rules. They correspond to the UNCITRAL Rules (version 2010) with very few amendments due to the institutional character of the arbitration, which is best recognised in China. For example, the brief introducing the arbitration proceeding needs to be adressed to CEAC which has its seat at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce; deadlines can be kept by using the post box of the Hamburg court of first instance for civil matters at Sievekingplatz 1. CEAC offers the service of an Appointing Authority if the parties do not reach agreement on the person of an arbitrator or have a dispute about an arbitrator. To guarantee international independance, each chamber of the Appointing Authority is composed of one Euroepean, one Chinese and one expert from the "world" (outside China and Europe). The costs are governed by a schedule of costs which provides for reasonable fees (e.g. additional administrative costs of EUR for a dispute of a volume of 1 million €). The chairman of the Advisory Board is a former President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London.

  • Tailor made for International Dispute Resolution in China related matters
  • Neutral
    • In Europe (outside China)
    • Neutrality in the management (German-Chinese)
    • Tri-partite Division of power in the Appointing Authority (in each chamber one expert from Europe, one from China and one from the world outside China and Europe)
    • Division of power in the board (for example, the Chairman of the CEAC Advisory Board is a former president of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators)
    • Neutral arbitration rules (the CEAC Arbitration Rules are based on the 2010 arbitration rules of he United Nations Commission of International Trade Law 'UNCITRAL')
    • Neutral basis of German Arbitration Law (which is based on the UNCITRAL Model Law)
    • Neutral choice of law options (possibility to choose the neutral CISG or the neutral UNIDROIT Principles for International Commercial Contracts through the CEAC Choice of Law clause)
  • Cooperates with leading Chinese institutions

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Who is behind CEAC?

CEAC is 100% owned by the Chinese European Legal Association CELA, a non-profit organisation initiated by the Hamburg Bar Organisation (which provides the seat of CELA) and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, jointly with law firms from around the globe. It has an international management and an international advisory board whose president is a former President of the All China Lawyers Association.

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CEAC Arbitrators

To the extent that the parties do not use their right to appoint an arbitrator under Art. 8-10 CEAC Arbitration Rules, or if the party-appointed arbitrators do not agree on a third arbitrator as the presiding arbitrator, the CEAC Appointing Authority shall appoint an arbitrator from the CEAC List of Arbitrators who come from around the globe.


CEAC operates on the basis of a Schedule of costs. For example, a dispute

  • with a volume of 50.000 EUR costs (incl. administration fees)
  • with a volume of 500.000 EUR costs (incl. administration fees)
  • with a volume of 5 million EUR costs (incl. administration fees)


Chinese European Arbitration Centre GmbH (CEAC)
Adolphsplatz 1 20457  Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 66 86 40 - 85 Fax: +49 (0)40 66 86 40 - 699