Constitutional Court

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The Constitutional Court of Hamburg is one of the three branches of government established by the Constitution of Hamburg next to the Hamburg Parliament ("Bürgerschaft") and the "Senat" (as the executive branch of government).

As the highest court of Hamburg it has exclusive jurisdiction over constitutional disputes between the various branches of Government. It also has the exclusive authority to nullify legislative acts of the Hamburg Parliament and legal regulations of the "Senat" on grounds of conflict with the Constitution of Hamburg. It decides on complaints in the process of elections to the Hamburg Parliament ("Bürgerschaft"), the local legislatures ("Bezirksversammlungen") and plebiscites.

The Constitutional Court of Hamburg consists of the President (Chief Justice) and eight Associate Justices. The President and three of the Associate Justices must be Hamburg Judges appointed to life tenure. Two further Associate Justices must be eligible for judicial office.

The Hamburg Parliament ("Bürgerschaft") elects the members of the Constitutional Court for a term of six years. Re-election is possible once. For each member of the Constitutional Court a deputy is elected. Members of Parliament (State, Federal or European) or of the Hamburg "Senat" or any other State or Federal Executive branch do not qualify for membership in the Constitutional Court.