Court of Arbitration of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Essential Features

The Court of Arbitration of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce has a tradition which goes back centuries. The appeal and quality of this independent arbitration institution are as valued today as ever. Being fair, even when there is dispute, has always been the business tradition which continues to be observed in Hamburg and which makes the city so prominent as an arbitration location.

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is located right in the centre of the Hanseatic City. Its Court of Arbitration specialises in both domestic and international proceedings. More than half of proceedings carried out since 2002 have involved at least one foreign party. The Court of Arbitration has published procedural rules which meet international standards. The rules are concise and easy to understand, comply with current national and international legal developments and, naturally, have been published in several languages.

The permanent Court of Arbitration of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce administers arbitration proceedings before it on behalf of the parties pursuant to the directions of the Chairperson of the arbitral tribunal. In addition, a Legal Counsel from the Chamber of Commerce plays an advisory role in hearings. This ensures that the legal and economic expertise of the Chamber of Commerce is made available to the parties and arbitrators.

The Arbitrators

In addition to being an economic centre, Hamburg is also a legal focal point. As well as established domestic legal firms, renowned international legal firms have also set up offices in the City. The University of Hamburg and the Bucerius Law School offer sound scientific legal training, and the Hamburg Courts, particularly the Commercial Court of the Hamburg Regional Court, have an excellent reputation. Thus, the arbitration centre Hamburg has access to excellent legal arbitrators with international experience. Furthermore, with its multitude of companies operating internationally, Hamburg has an extensive pool of entrepreneurs, managing directors and engineers who have gathered experience in arbitrations both in Germany and abroad.

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce always has the possibility to appoint foreign arbitrators through its contacts with other international Courts of Arbitration or with the assistance of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce Abroad.


Several representative meeting and conference rooms for up to 60 persons are available for hearings and meetings. It goes without saying that technical facilities, internet access and support from in-house IT specialists form part of our standard service along with catering, secretarial services, cloakrooms and assistance with travel and accommodation. Interpreters, video conferencing, minute-taking and recording of hearings can be arranged at short notice. Parking spaces can be arranged in the in-house parking garage provided we are given notice.

Procedural costs

Costs for arbitration proceedings can be calculated quickly and simply with the assistance of our fees calculator available on the internet at It includes all arbitrator fees and the lump sum expenses charged by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce for administering the proceedings. It does not include any costs accruing to the parties such as travel, accommodation, legal costs or any additional expenses such as for expert reports or opinions.


Court of Arbitration of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
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