Burkhard Zaubel

Burkhard Zaubel

Mediator (former: lawyer; banker; In couse council)

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  • Mediation


  • English
  • German

Practice areas

  • Bank and capital market law
  • Commercial law
  • Employment law
  • Family law
  • Insolvency law
  • Real estate law


  • Automotive
  • Bank and financial services
  • Consumer products and retail
  • Energy and infrastructure
  • Engineering
  • Health care and medical services
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • Trade



During my time as inhouse-council in a bank I delt with every sort of extra ordinary credit-securities in and outside of Germany - national and international - and taught this topic at the university of Hamburg.

In very many bancruptcies of bigger and smaller companies I was member of the board of obligees working tightly together with very many liquidators in the north of Germany.

Apart from all this business I - as a lawyer all the time - advised many clients of a consultant in various parts of their business: founded companies; was involved in reconstrutions as a result of cash-flow-problems.

  • 1972 -> 1975
    Education as Banker in a major German Bank (Banklehre)
  • 1976 -> 1984
    Studies of Law in Marburg / Lahn
  • 1984 -> 1986
    Legal traineeship in Hamburg (Refendariat) with work experiance in a lawfirm in NYC (U.S.A.)
  • 1982 -> 1986
    Research and teaching assistant in Marburg (Prof. Dr. Baltzer) and Hamburg (Prof. Dr. Bünemann)
  • since 1986
    Attorney at Law in Hamburg
  • 1986 -> 2012
    Inhouse-council for a german Bank (DAXX-listed)
  • 1997 -> 2001
    Teaching professor at the University of Hamburg
  • 2006
    Education as Mediator for business affairs
  • since 2010
    Nearly exclusively working as Mediator
  • since 2012
    Exclusively working as Mediator
  • since 2015
    CEO (Vorstand) of HIM e.V. = Hamburger Institut für mediation e.V.
  • Pool of mediators of the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg - HK24
  • HIM e.V. Hamburg Institut for Mediation (CEO)
  • CfM Central for Mediation
  • RTMKM Round Table for Medation and Conflictmanagement of the German Business, gatherin many, mostly DAXX-Companies, feeling close to or practicing mediaton
  • Chamber of attorneys, Hamburg
  • Medation-Gesetz / Plattdütsch dörch den Striet (Gesetzestext und humorvolle Erläuterungen auf niederdeutsch)
    1. Aufl. 2012 ISBN 978-3-00-039158-3
  • Zertifizierte-Mediatoren-Ausbildugns-Verordnung (ZMediatAusbV)
    herunterzuladen unter: http://www.wm-mediation.com/veroeffentlichungen.htm
  • Mediation bei den Landgerichrten in Deutschland
    Konflikt-Dynamik 2005, Heft 2, Seite 148 -> 152
  • Wie wird das gliebte Zuhause wieder liebenswert? (Mediation im Wohnungseigentum)
    Hamburger Grundeigentum Heft 8/2016 Seite 20
  • VSBG - VerbraucherStreitBeilegungsGesetz
    Eine kleine Übersicht über das im Februar 2016 in Kraft getretene Gesetz finden Sie auf unserer homepage www.wm-mediation.com unter "Veröffentlichungen".
  • Laufende Seminare und Fortbildugnsveranstaltungen zuf den Themen:
    • Die Rolle des Rechts bei der Mediation
    • Ausbildungsverordnung für zertifizierte Mediatoren
    • Mediation bei Wohnungseigentum - WEG




Schlüterstr. 14
20146 Hamburg