Information about dispute resolution

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to assist parties and counsel in selecting an appropriate instrument to resolve a given or future dispute.

The website provides valuable information about the city of Hamburg and its dispute resolution institutions and actors. It also gives an overview of various dispute resolution instruments, including; mediation, conciliation, expert determination, arbitration and litigation.

For each of these instruments, a description of its main characteristics, its legal framework and references to relevant institutions is provided. In order to decide which instrument should best be chosen to solve a dispute, the first step is to consider which instrument will resolve the dispute in a fair, efficient and satisfactory manner.

There is no simple answer as to the method of selection. No instrument is per se superior to others. Rather it depends on the cause of a dispute and the parties' objectives. Costs, duration, enforceability, and procedural flexibility often play a role in the selection criteria.

Dispute resolution instruments

Learn more about different instruments for resolving disputes.


Arbitration is a method of dispute settlement using private entities known as "arbitral tribunals".


Litigation is the settlement of legal disputes before state courts.


Mediation is an informal, but structured settlement procedure. A mediator is employed to facilitate and assist parties in reaching an amicable dispute settlement.


Conciliation is an alternative out-of-court dispute resolution instrument.

Expert determination

Technical or other non-legal experts often play an important role in solving commercial disputes.

Selection criteria

Not one type of instrument presented on this website is more or less suitable than another as a means of reaching commercial dispute resolution.

Stakeholders in Hamburg

Get to know all relevant stakeholders for dispute resolution in Hamburg!


Hamburg is base of many qualified professionals who solve legal disputes.


Many relevant legal institutions for dispute resolution are based in Hamburg.


Many of Germany's leading hotels are located in Hamburg and offer comfortable facilities for dispute resolution.


Supporting services like translators or or companies for event equipment can be found locally in Hamburg.