Dr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts

Dr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts


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Dr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts primarily acts as arbitrator and counsel in arbitrations. Nils has acted under various institutional and ad hoc rules (ICC, LCIA, SCC, VIAC, DIA, FAI, SCAI and DIS) as well as under various laws (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Serbia, Switzerland, Swedish, Turkey and Qatar). Moreover, Nils represents clients in proceedings before German courts with a particular focus on cartel damages and enforcement of foreign awards and judgments. In addition, he also often represents clients in DAB, mediation and other ADR proceedings with a particular focus on construction and offshore windfarm disputes. Nils holds a Doctor of Laws in international sales law (CISG) and is a visiting professor for international arbitration at the Universities of Berlin and Freiburg. He also regularly speaks at international conferences and issues academic publications.

  • Since 2011
    Hanefeld Rechtsanwälte in Hamburg
  • 2009 - 2011
    CMS Hasche Sigle in Munich (working for Dr. Klaus Sachs)
  • 2007 - 2009
    Legal traineeship (Referendariat) in Hamburg including work experience with the German Embassy in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Hengeler Mueller in Berlin
  • 2007
    Internship with the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris (France)
  • 2007
    Doctor of Laws (Dr. iur.) at the University of Freiburg
  • 2005 - 2007
    Research and teaching assistant to Prof. Dr. Günter Hager at the Institute for Foreign and International Private Law of the University of Freiburg
  • 1999 - 2005
    Studies of law at the Universities of Freiburg and Grenoble (France)

Appointed member of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR
Appointed member of the ICC Commission's Task Force on "Maximizing the Probative Value of Witness Evidence"
German Arbitration Institute (DIS)
Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)
Hamburg Arbitration Circle
Former Regional Coordinator Europe & Russia ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF)
Former Regional Coordinator Europe LCIA Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG)

Lectures and Speeches (Selection):
2020 SCAI Innovation Conference Fast and Furious Zurich Switzerland
2019 DIS40 event Reform of the German Arbitration Act Berlin Germany
2017 University of Konstanz The right place of arbitration in case of BREXIT Konstanz Germany
2017 ICC YAF event Energy Disputes Düsseldorf Germany
2017 ICC YAF event The impact of the energy revolution in Germany on electricity supply contracts Düsseldorf Germany
2016 Unconscious Bias & Negotiation Minimizing unconscious bias - a checklist for arbitrators Vienna Austria
2016 ICC YAF event Roundtable moderator at the Co-Chairs’ Circle Helsinki Finland
2016 ICC YAF event Arbitrating East-West Disputes in the Time of Sanctions Helsinki Finland
2016 "YIAG meets Vis" event during the Vis Moot Document production Vienna Austria
2016 Hanover PreMoot Conference Damages under the CISG Hanover Germany
2015 Kiev Arbitration Days Arbitral activism v impartiality Kiev Ukraine
2015 LCIA/YIAG - Tylney Hall N.N. London United Kingdom
2015 ICC YAF event Independence and impartiality – the new IBA Guidelines Copenhagen Denmark
2015 ICC YAF event Emergency arbitrators – success stories and challenges Cologne Germany
2015 ICC YAF event Challenges for a new generation of arbitrators Frankfurt am Main Germany
2014 YAAP roundtable International Arbitration Vienna Austria
2014 ICC YAF conference The future of investment arbitration Hamburg Germany
2014 YIAG conference Counsel ethics in international arbitration Istanbul Turkey
2014 ICC YAF Regional conference Participation in the Europe Hall Debate Rome Italy
2013 European Business School International Sales Law Wiesbaden Germany
2013 Baltic Arbitration Days 2013 Arbitration and Project Finance Riga Latvia
2013 ASA Below 40 Managing the process: notice of the proceedings, appointing the tribunal, non-­payment of advances, fixing the procedure, managing the hearing Geneva Switzerland
2013 ICC Austria Seminar German law in international contracts Vienna Austria
2013 ICC YAF conference The CISG in Arbitration Paris France
2013 "Evidence in Arbitration" conference Groups of Experts: A New Approach to Expert Evidence Warsaw Poland
2012 International conferences in Wellington and Auckland Bridging the divide between party-appointed and tribunal-appointed experts Auckland New Zealand
2012 International conference organized by the ICC YAF N.N. Berlin Germany
2012 DIS40 event Sports Arbitration Berlin Germany
2012 N.N. Integration of Technologies in Legal Matters Düsseldorf Germany
2012 In-house seminar The CISG - a good choice for buyers Cologne Germany
2012 ICC Austria seminar Workshop on "German law as an alternative in international contracts" Vienna Austria
2012 International conference on sports arbitration Sports Arbitration in Germany - The Rules and Practice of the DIS Court of Arbitration for Sports Warsaw Poland

Publications (Selection):
2020 Dispute resolution by Dispute Adjudication Boards - practical advice on the structuring and conduct of proceedings (in German) BauR 2020, pp. 1385 et seq
2020 Commentary of Articles 25-27 and 71-73 CISG (in German) Beck Online Commentary on the CISG (the leading German online commentary)
2020 The BGH’s fine adjustments as to the consequences of the violation of disclosure obligations for setting aside and enforcement procedures (in German) SchiedsVZ 2020, pp. 35 et seq.
2019 Commentary of Articles 74-77 CISG Brunner/Gottlieb (ed.), Commentary on the UN Sales Law (CISG)
2019 Country Report: Germany Weigand/Baumann (ed.), Practitioners Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration, 3rd ed.
2019 The Consequences of the Non-Disclosure of Conflict of Interest on the Enforceability of Awards: The German Stance Kluwer Arbitration Blog
2018 The "Right" Place of Arbitration: How Germany Might Profit from Brexit SchiedsVZ 2018, pp. 281 et seq.
2015 Enforcement of international arbitral awards in Germany Practice Note for LexisPSL
2014 Commentary of Art. 74-77 CISG (in German) Brunner (ed.), Commentary on the UN Sales Law (CISG), 2nd ed.
2013 Commentary of Art. 7-10 and 21 ICC Arbitration Rules (in German) Nedden/Herzberg (ed.), Practice Commentary on ICC Arbitration Rules / DIS Arbitration Rules
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2010 Settlement Efforts in Arbitration (jointly with Dr. Klaus Sachs) Revista de Arbitragem e Mediação 2010, pp. 161 et seq.
2010 Diverging concepts of the Principle of Competence-Competence (jointly with Dr. Klaus Sachs) New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration 2010, pp. 1 et seq.
2010 Protocol on Expert Training: A New Approach to Expert Evidence (jointly with Dr. Klaus Sachs) ICCA Congress Series 2010, pp. 135 et seq.
2010 Introduction to the law of arbitration (in German) JURA 2010, pp. 520 et seq.
2007 Specific Performance, Damages and Avoidance under the CISG (dissertation, in German) Mohr Siebeck
2006 Recoverability of frustrated expenses under the CISG (in German) IHR 2006, pp. 67 et seq.



Hanefeld Rechtsanwälte
Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

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