Dr. Harald Zeller, Captain (Master Mariner)

Dr. Harald Zeller, Captain (Master Mariner)

Independent Consultant & Arbitrator

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For many years, Mr. Zeller has been involved in advising German and international companies legally and commercially in settling disputes, incl. full arbitration proceedings (mostly as Umpire but also as sole arbitrator or as co-arbitrator), with special emphasis and experience in cross-border or interculturally difficult problems.

  • Since 2019
    Independent Consultant
  • 2018 - 1997
    Founder & Managing Partner of Zeller Associates Group
  • 1997 - 1983
    Munich Re (Tty, Fac and Claims)
  • 1985
    Dr iuris (Thesis in Marine Insurance Law) (summa cum laude)
  • 1983
    Bar Admission
  • 1982
    Full Law Degree (University of Hamburg) (with honours)
  • 1976
    Licensing as (Full Foreign Going) Master in the Merchant Marine
  • 1974
    Economic Engineer in Marine Transportation / Nautical Officer’s First Mate Certificate (both with distinction)
  • 1962 - 2013
    Wide-spread practical seafaring experience on ships of various types and sizes in coastal and international trade
  • DIS Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit, Berlin
  • ASA Swiss Arbitration Association, Geneva
  • GMAA German Maritime Arbitration Association, Hamburg
  • HAC Hamburg Arbitration Circle, Hamburg
  • DRJV Deutsch-Russische Juristenvereinigung, Hamburg
  • DNV / NV Deutscher Nautischer Verein, Hamburg / NI The Nautical Institute, London
  • The Legal Status of Refugees at Sea, 1982 (in German)
  • The Cover of Liability Risks in Marine Insurance, 1985 (Dissertation at the University of Hamburg - in German; summa cum laude)
  • A Classification of Charter Parties, 1986 (in German)
  • Containerization, 2000 (published by Munich Re)
  • Charterers‘ Liability Ins., 2007 (in German; co-author Dr. Jan. T. Eichhorn)
  • Problems of State Supervision in Marine Defence / Legal Costs Insurance, 2011 (in German)
  • The New German Law on the Arrest of Ships, 2013 (in German)

Numerous papers, lectures and speeches given on various subjects on international forums, amongst them

  • Insurance and Reinsurance (markets, players and legal issues)
  • Run Off (market and services)
  • Polar Shipping – navigational, legal and practical aspects
  • Recoveries & Debt Collection in Trade, Shipping and Marine Insurance
  • Ship Operation – Claims & Insurances
  • Large Marine Liability Claims (i.a. Costa Concordia)
  • P&I and Defence Insurance
  • Piracy / War Insurance
  • Oil Pollution
  • Insurance of Shipbuilding and Repair



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